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What Are Giacometti Sculptures Made Of. Alongside the preparatory sketches in his many notebooks, drawn mainly in pencil, he also made separate. Modern art surrealismcubismexpressionism alberto giacometti/periods.

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Although he was trained by bourdelle in classical sculpture, the works of the cubists and brancusi interested him as well. In a photograph from 1930, an abstract bronze sculpture of two copulating figures hangs on the wall of a. He is most famous for his tall, thin figures made of bronze.

Art, Rome, Decor

Giacometti died in 1966 of heart disease (pericarditis) and chronic bronchitis at the kantonsspital in chur, switzerland. Giacometti arrived in paris at the age of 20, and was quick to absorb all the rich influences that the capital offered at the time. After world war ii, giacometti created his most famous sculptures: The forest the forest (1950 [cast 1950]) by alberto giacometti a preeminent artist of.